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Most Recent Studies Now Available:
- 2022 Medical/Surgical Study
- 2023 Studies: PA/NP, Oncology Nursing, Dentistry
- 2022 Studies: Managed Care, Pharmacy, Eyecare, Pain Medicine, Radiology
- 2021 Studies: Hospital Management

Please note that while secondary selects (found in the "Demographic" box) can be used with both journals and websites, the Rx/ICD-10/CPT data (found in the "Rx Class" box) is currently valid only for journals. Other secondary selects such as age, gender, association membership, etc. apply to all media. We are working to have the Rx/ICD-10/CPT data applicable to all media sometime in the near future.

Journal activity through August 2020 is available on MARS Medical Online. Subsequent activity is also available; please contact the client service team at 646-895-8528 or for more information.

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